DistributorCentral Inventory Services

DistributorCentral Inventory Service

DC will host supplier inventory web services at no cost.


Suppliers can easily upload inventory data to DC in a simple, text-based format or by using a pre-built app (downloadable from DC) which can be installed locally on a computer located at the supplier’s facility. Any distributor or service provider in the industry can access that supplier’s inventory data by consuming DC’s web service. Since DC provides technology tools free to the industry, every distributor will have access to your real-time inventory information. Inventory data is automatically shown on the 8,000 distributor e-commerce websites hosted by DC and in its internal product research and presentation tools.


If you need help with inventory integration, please contact us at info@distributorcentral.com or 888-516-7401.

For more information about DC services for suppliers: DistributorCentral.

For more information about industry data standards: Promo Standards.